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Color modes for image editing

The main color modes that usually work with all designers are CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) and RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Besides these modes there are others such as: Lab, Grayscale, Duotone, Multichannel, etc …

Espacio de color
All images will be printed on physical media often, and I say usually because there are many exceptions, converted to CMYK. The RGB color space used in the images to be used in digital media, intenet, etc …
Now, what color space is best suited to work with an image? In principle, simply open an image in each case to see that there are many more possibilities for editing RGB images to CMYK mode guards. Moreover, usually never work from an image in CMYK unless you have already been converted to that space or created in him, something quite rare but can happen with images created digitally. Due to the large number of editing possibilities to RGB mode and also to the loss of data that the images suffer when converted to CMYK space, I recommend a retouch in RGB and with all possible information. This will ensure that we finish our work to minimize loss of information during editing.


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