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Before you start to tweak

It should have well defined job settings design programs that utiliceís. I’ll show you some of the settings for Photoshop, since it is one of the most widespread tools for manipulating images. A good setup starts to define the proper workspace for both RGB to CMYK.
Photoshop color setting

This menu (PhotoShop\Edit\Color Settings) from PhotoShop, we can set the workspace, and also, how they will be images that contain a different space. This menu is common in most of the tools of the Adobe Suite, so you should also share it, look at the message highlighted, with the rest of the programs that you usually work, so that no unwanted errors.

Other important parameters that you must configure are the values for the white dot and black dot halftone. These values influence the actions of the adjustments of curves, levels, show, … therefore these values should be determined correctly before starting to work with any image.

The recommended values for this setting can be customized, like the workspace, depending on the press with what usually trabajéis. If you can ignore these settings use the following by double clicking on the droppers:

White eyedropper: 5-3-3-0 (CMYK)

Grey eyedropper: 0-0-50 (HSB)

Black eyedropper: 10-10-10 (RGB)



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