Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Content’s based white dot balance

Locate the white dot is one of the initial steps of photo retouching, but the first. PhotoShop tool designed for this purpose is the curves adjustment layer.

Operation is simple if the dropper is configured properly before you start to tweak. Just select the most white point of the image with the white eyedropper and the darkest black with the black one.

Balance de blancos

It is best to select something that we know with certainty is white color and also the more focused area near the camera. In the case of the black eyedropper darker mass will be successful, it is therefore desirable to have set the info window to show us the value of black, or Key.

Ventana de información

The gray dropper is usually used when it is difficult to find an area that we know that is white or black in the picture. But i do not recommend you to use it in combination of the other two because the adjustments are often quite inadequate.

The secret of this process is not using overexposed areas, either by reflection or direct lighting, or areas without point.



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