Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

To neutralize the dominant lights

Assuming that dominat lights are a nightmare I will comment a little trick to remove them easily, especially for those who usually work in CMYK. Instead of fighting with selective color layers and/or desaturated layers for each key, is easier to work with a single black & white’s adjustment layer.
For this example we will use this image of the Superleague Formula.
After a little touch up with curves, lightings and global dominant the image is ready to work the color.
Neutro-c base
The car’s body is filled with reflections of sky blue and others involving the previous adjustment procedure to balance the lighting and achieve a more uniform black tone. To do this I’ll use a black & white’s adjustment layer, left image, instead of using a desaturated layer, right image.
B&W flitro
Usually the adjustment layer works well without loading any preset. By changing the color ranges, areas affected by each of the ranges vary to white (higher percentage) or into the black (lower percentage). You can also use this filter to achieve very effective masks that could be used in later steps, but that is a point that I will return.

It is now necessary to mask the layer in order to retrieve the original colors, either with a brush, or color selections.
Neutro color range

To the resulting image is more or less well.
Neutro 1plane
And with a pre-merger black & white’s adjustment layer, masking the car to retrieve the nuances of the fund.
neutro final
And be ready for the next correction process.



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