Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Dirty money

It’s an old biker said: “If you’re still riding after your first accident is that you’ve matured as a rider or are you as crazy as a goat” Unfortunately for some freelancers the first time they do not be paid for a work delivered they may decide not to proceed working as freelancers while others manage to overcome and are tackling it as a calculated loss. Surfing the web you will see lots of cases.

At first I thought that was endemic in Spanish companies, is so easy, it must be hard to resist the temptation: “nooooooo !!!!, I’ll pay you, really I’m going to pay just that, not … today I feel weak.” I was wrong, these things do not happen only in Spain and only to me.

Now, how to prevent people take advantage of your experience and effort? There is a safe way. Occurs daily, in fact, occurs between businesses, companies and individuals, corporations and autonomous. everyone just ?+*# someone who has made the mistake of assuming that we are all professionals and we believe in quid pro quo.

Nevertheless it is prudent, where possible follow the following steps:

  1. Make a budget as soon as possible, where part of the wages were specified in advance, and set into what will happen in the case some “little things” were added later. Make sure that the client signs it.
  2. Unless you’re starving never accept that the customer sets the price and a payment to X months away.
  3. Although the customer was reliable watch out for point No 2, if you not value yourself the time it has taken you to acquire the knowledge, experience and tools needed, how do you expect others to do so?. Be brave, do thou conditions.
  4. When submitting the job, do it in person and always carry a delivery order form for signature. That way you will avoid that then someone says: “I haven’t received anything already”.
  5. If you don’t get paid, follow them, call them by phone, introduce yourself in their offices. It took me almost a year since I was paid by a printer but finally i got the money.
  6. If finally you don’t be paid, there is no way to legally force them to do, not in Spanish law. Or at least I have not managed to find anyone tells me otherwise.
  7. Make your customers special offers, discounts, etc … so that you do a good client’s database.
  8. Be very careful with the “incremental projects”, those jobs that never really stops because the customer is never satisfied. As commented in point No 1, you must take into account the corrections when it comes to the budget, and know how to differentiate these from the endless additives that are generally up especially in web design and corporative image projects, to name two examples … These sections must be clearly delimitatedin the budget as surcharges for extra work.

In the event that one may know something about this information I pray you comment it so that i can provide more complete information.


P.D.: it has took me a lot ot work to translate this post. So I ask for your pardon about all the mistakes i could have done.


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