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Take a look at color channels

If i had previously said PhotoShop is a great tool. His chances are so great that after a decade working at full speed with it i can still be surprised by the possibilities it offers. An example is the use of the channel display to help us better execute a process, in this case a silhouette but it could be a color selection or a color balance, etc …

In many cases it is necessary  use paths to make a silhouette, and usually there are areas of the image that is difficult to determine at a glance whether they are shadow or object, illumination or reflection. If you’re tempted to flat your nose to the screen to see better, maybe what you need is to isolate a one color channel to see the details.

When viewing a single channel, rendering invisible all other, you immediately see the details that you were unable to distinguish before. You can change from a color channel to another easily until you find that you have got a better viewing experience.


As you can see in the image (left), the contours of the bar of this limousine had been lost due the poor lighting of this area. When viewing only the blue color channel (right) details of the tray and contours of the counter are more visible.

  • In images that have been compressed and therefore has lost much information, or had low resolution or had been captured in extreme conditions. Try converting them to CMYK and displays the channel Key, you’ll see that it contains the least noise and lets you draw better.
  • The color channel that works best for all the details in RGB is usually the blue channel.

Often the photographs bring speckles, stains, hair, or other items that are not easily distinguished at a glance. Before you start to tweak you should see the color channels separately to get an idea of the state that the image is



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