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Give depth to your images

Before the Adobe’s programers decided to create the first bevel and emboss effect, graphic designers made this effect with Photoshop‘s predeterminated filters, possibly the part of the software that hadn’t evolved in years.

This trick I am going to explain is certainly dispensable from the practical standpoint. However, those who spent years in this world will agree with me that the filters, combined with the different layers display modes can generate visual images of great strength. As you can see, I used a simple text layer as an example so the result is easy to see. You can translate this trick to any picture.


To run the filter bas-relief is vital that any text layer is rasterized and coupled, otherwise Photoshop will inform you of the need to rasterize the text.


After invoking the filter you can adjust the amount and hardness of the bas-relief effect, in addition to the direction of light (8 possibilities).


Finally you should select the dark areas and fill in black on a layer multiply mode, and white areas in a layer filled with white using screen mode. You only need to configure the opacity of these layers to obtain the appropriate level of bezel. As you can see in the final image, the result is quite similar to what could be achieved with a layer of Bevel and Emboss effect.

As I had to start this trick is almost dispensable, ive published to demonstrate the importance of experimentation with filters and layer modes



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