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Take the path with you

I can not say I do not like to open/import an image and find good paths in it. Except where the PDF’s engine crashes because it is incapable of solving the path and you find that your image doesn’t appear in the exported document.

  • One of the things you can do with Photoshop paths is to export them from one program to another or move it from one image document to another.
  • Exporting is very simple because Photoshop allows you to export directly paths, path File/Export/Track to Illustrator..., to an Illustrator AI file. This is fine if you only want the path itself, for an illustration, for example. In case you want to take drawing and image is much simpler, all you have to do is duplicate the path and make it a clipping path using the window menu. You can save the image in PSD or EPS and then simply place it into Illustrator, the path will go with the image and also be imported as a clipping mask image.
  • Menu de ventana trazados

  • Moreover, to take the path from one image to another, I’m talking about taking him with the image itself, you simply select and create a vector mask. Or what is the same, by selecting the layout, then the layer with the command key and press the Add a layer mask. When you´ll move that layer to another document, the vector mask will go with it and you can save it as new path in the new image.
  • If you only want to take the path, you can just drag from one window to another as you would with a layer (either image, style or adjustment layer).

Do not forget that some image formats do not support paths, therefore, the best choice is always careful to observe a version in PSD format, used to store the layers, channels, paths, etc…



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