Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Additive masking

When working on complicated photo retouching projects, it’s easy to get lost in endless sessions of PhotoShop drawing shapes, masking, editing, … many of these processes depend on made selections to work properly. Correct a dominant yellow light can do well on inanimate objects, but people and plants that appear in the image would need yellow color to look real. This could be corrected later with another layer, but also the changes would affect other areas of the image.

When retouching an image is important to maintain the lowest possible number of layers

To help you make more accurate selections, and also to save time by reusing others selections that you have done before, you can use Apply image and Calculations functions.

These two functions quite unknown to most users are intended to generate images from the combination of the contents of one or more documents. As I mentioned sometimes, in example Bas Relief, PhotoShop contains various functions, filters and effects, redundant, whose utility is to enable users to perform in a single process that would normally be done in two or three steps. You must understand and exploit these redundancies to reduce the time spent on each image and in many cases the weight of them.

The Apply image function lets you apply layers combined from channels or all the contents of the document or a particular layer with a blending mode, choosed between the existing and mask. The data used for that combination may come from another document. And besides other possible functions, it is very useful for generating new masks and save the work to draw or make intricate selections.

Remember that anything can become a mask, including the result of a filter, effect, fit, etc …

Calculations has very similar capabilities.

The biggest difference between Apply image and Calculations is that Calculations enables you to select a different output file for the current document. He adds an input source, i mean the result of the function can be extended to the combination of three images, different channels or masks.



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