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Photoshop’s base document

Although Indesign users are accustomed to the term ‘base model’, few people know that this concept can be extended also to documents of PhotoShop.

Usually when you had to create multiple documents based on the same design structure it was usual create a single file with a lot of layers arranged in groups. That’s fine, but the weight of the document may have become too large, depending on the number of results you need to achieve.

One way to increase the efficiency of this task is to use the function variables. A function that lets you select different documents and sources layers stored as data sets, so the file size does not increase significantly. Instead, calls are made to the source documents, which is also handy if you’re used to batch procesess.

Variables change image layers, in example, it replaces the pixels in a layer with the contents on another document given. It also replaces the text in a layer by changing the data stored in a set. Any effects applied to the destination layer will be conserved.

Is it really useful variables? Like many other functions, variables aims to capitalize time and resources, it allows a single process which would otherwise be long and repetitive. It is very useful when producing a long series of documents based on fixed parameters.



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    April 29, 2010

    Hi…… post good 🙂

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