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The same document, different layers

Following the review of PhotoShop‘s lesser-used tools, is time to talk about a particularly useful tool for those designers in the need of usability, the layers’ composition.

Layers’ composition is a powerful and versatile function to store different states of the same document. Its use is highly recommended for all graphic artists and designers because it provides quick access to different versions of the project without increasing the number of documents.

This wallpaper from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” will explain the workings of layers’ composition, and as the guide says:

Don’t Panic

To begin with Marvin, the robot of the image, changes over an adjustment layer hue/saturation. After acquiring more texture with the outlines and ink effects and accented edges.

Each composition layer stores the parameters concerning visibilityposition and/or layer style at the time of its creation. The following image shows the different options for a new layer’s composition. The comments box is helpful if the document is to be used in the distant future, or if the designer needs to release some indication to a designer other than himself.

Once you create a new composition it will become part of the list of available layers’ compositions, plus last state, that contains the parameters stored the last time you saved the document. The options in the list, apart from the obvious classic options are createdeleteapply previous/next composition and update composition from layers, the latter function overrides the selected composition of layers storing the parameters of the document.

InDesign can use layers’ composition in both import options and object/layer options… window, for example, to place shadows or cuts in front of or behind text or other image documents without having to resort to different documents. Also available in Illustrator, in the import window, Allowing you to select one of the possible compositions.

In addition to Adobe, there are other suites such as Corel Photo-Paint, which also allow you to store different states of the document.


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