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Bitmap coloring in Indesign

Not all image documents that are used for a project have to be necessarily high quality photographs. In magazines, newspapers, covers, brochures, corporate stationery, etc … often insert cliparts and other monochromatic images. Such images have several advantages: they are economical, versatile (many fonts incorporate them: Windings, Zapt Dingbats, etc ,…) and on top of that can be colored easily without having to edit the document image.

  1. Create a new document in PhotoShop or another program that allows image save documents in monochrome or grayscale, with the following characteristics:
  2. Then paint with a brush, for example, or you can also copy an image.
  3. The document is saved as png.
  4. Now it is as simple as placing it in Indesign, select the contents of the object and apply the desired color. The color is applied to the black pixels, while the other will receive the color we assign to the container object

The images with a single-bit color depth are somewhat rough, but very practical if they will be reproduced too small. To work with larger images is advisable to choose Grayscale:

Now the document image is of sufficient quality, as long as the image resolution permits, to reproduce a much larger size.

This image document can be saved in jpeg format in Indesign colored like the previous png.


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