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ColorSync utility

ColorSync is one of the tools that Mac OS X has as default. Its main objective is to maintain color consistency, both in primary devices (screen, camera, printers, scanners) and in the different ICC profiles installed. The control of the profiles, checking and repairing them is another outstanding qualities.

Apart from these uses, ColorSync is helpful to import images and PDF files, assign profiles and filters (black & white, sepia, etc…). It is also possible to perform color correction of image documents, although i miss the measurement/information window to assist in this process.

ColorSync is helpful to import image documents whose header contains some kind of error. Many of these documents can be imported with Mac OS X Preview and then save in another format, but sometimes the error persists and the document can not be opened. When you export the image with ColorSync the header is rewritten and the document can be opened without any problems in any image editing program.

It can also be used to import PDF documents that contain some type of user’s password or license.


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