Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Let him do it

I know that the title of this new publication can be a bit confusing, but in terms of content I can assure you that this is nothing that can not read an innocent mind … if it still is one of those.

Configure the software to make certain tedious tasks alone may seem complicated but with minimal experience it is easy to save a lot of time and effort.

There are many different ways to automate processes. On the one hand we have the JavaScript-based scripts and AppleScript that can be created with, for example, Extended Script Toolkit  and AppleScript Editor respectively, batch files, and, from the automation actions. The former are programming languages with extensive libraries (as you can see in the picture above) with which you can create simple scripts (such as: Change from RGB to CMYK samples in Indesign), or even elaborate plug-ins. Programming scripts takes time and knowledge but the result is worth it, moreover, is not difficult to find online communities devoted to the development of scripts that can save many hours of suffering for those cadezcan of expertise. Once created it is loaded as plug-ins during startup of the software or access them through a menu, such as InDesign.

Automation from actions is much simpler and equally useful. You may make a lot of time using the Automator application, system services, or convertible actions droplets the Adobe suite can usa, batch process, etc… Of these, using droplets is surely one of the best practices and tools used any designer. Simply record any process, such as a change in color mode and then create the droplet throughFile/Automate/Create Drople … this way you can save different actions are accessible from the Finder orExplorer.

Droplets can be typical in design: saving for web image, changing print resolution, convert to black and white, check pdfs, etc … There are hundreds of actions that can be automated or as a batch process.



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Diseñador gráfico multidisciplinar; me gustaría trabajar y compartir experiencias con diseñadores de todo el mundo

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