Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Instead you should use the snippets

No, nothing about magical fairies or little people living in the basement of the houses of the designers. Nothing as bucolic as fraggles (in all cases, there are fat rats, i would had said foul rats but rats seem so mundane like everything else). Snippets are small pieces of code that can be used pasting them in the right place when developing an application. The idea is to reuse things already done and working properly to save time (time again, yeah).
Fortunately, the snippets are practical part in the design world. Web developers have long been using and reusing small pieces of JavaScript to create buttons, menus, etc …

In the same way that developers, designers can use snippets to easily carry around documents to resources without having to use other libraries or the clipboard.

The snippets are created by dragging a selection from the canvas to your desktop.
The selection can be anything. In the image on the left you can see a couple of Indesign grouped objects, but it could have been a table, a text, a picture cut from PhotoShop, Illustrator vector, etc … The most useful is to use the resources to be need to repeatedly, and therefore, load them into the clipboard is not the right choice. Think of them as a library without the need to keep it that way. Many designers have a generated elements’ disaster drawer already that can be used anytime.

Each application has its independent format to save the snippet. Indesign, for example, identifies the type of object and assigns it a code. It is appropriate to name the snippet that identifies the contents and origin, especially when they begin to accumulate.

To reuse a snippet, as this cut PhotoShop image, drag it back on the canvas of the application. The applications of the Adobe suite can exchange snippets, provided that the content could be interpreted by the application. It is therefore possible to drag an image onto a cutting Indesign or Illustrator document, for example.



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