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Default styles and styles groups Indesign

Is it possible to define a style in InDesign so that always appears as the default object style? The style libraries (objects, paragraphs, samples, charts, etc …) are stored locally on the layout in which you are working, you can import entire libraries or selections of them from other layouts to the current one. Once you close any libraries mock all styles that have been created close to her leaving only the default styles for Indesign.

Therefore, to add styles to the default library is essential to have no open layout. From there you can import from a document already created, or create them directly without any open one, all styles added in this way will remain as default colors and are automatically charged each time you load Indesign until the time they are deleted.

Also, if you need to create styles for different types of projects is possible to have them sorted in groups, which is very suitable even for documents with an extensive library of styles. The options window styles allow us to create new groups, regardless of style, define default styles, etc …

You can create new empty group and then move the styles, or create a new group from selected styles in the library. The styles and groups can move up and down by dragging the window or take them to the trash.

When you drag a group to the trash will delete all the styles it contains. Indesign will ask for a conformation before you go ahead and delete the group

Furthermore, in the case of object styles, you can set the default style is used each time you create a new graphic container and which is assigned to create a new text container. These two styles are highlighted in the style library object by an icon to the right of the label.

Although at first may seem a bit confusing, especially regarding the operation of windows and window options, with a little work can get pretty party groups as well as to the default styles.



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