Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Trick to create patterns in Illustrator

I recently had the opportunity to learn through a discussion on linkedin, a curious trick, I think quite unknown. The author defined it as the debate create organic patterns in Illustrator, it took me a good time to go digging on the Internet and an even greater test for myself to get it to work on Spanish keyboard, but once found the correct key results are striking.

First things first. The trick works with shape’s tools (ellipse, circle, line, polygon, star) and the key “<“, how could I guess after a good time testing different keys (can be combined with Alt or Shift to change the point departure of the pattern). Some of the tools results even more colorful than others.

In the picture above you can see different patterns obtained with stars, polygons, circles, lines and ellipses. Any shape’s tool is working. Of course, depending on the language of the keyboard and key model may vary. In the U.S. keyboard key is “~” on European keyboards Portuguese designer said that this language does “ç” in the Spanish keyboard is “<“.

In addition to creating patterns, this key is also usefull to transform patterns, this time I mean patterns from Illustrator style library either by default or user-defined, without transforming the object they are assigned.

The object of the left has a wave pattern as filler, this pattern can be transformed by selecting one of the transformation’s tools and pressing “<” without altering the object itself.



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