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Indesign’s nonprintable object

This trick is not new, but if it is something that the old QuarkXpress‘ users had forgotten when working on Indesign. QuarkXpress, in its container properties window, allowed mark an object as unprintable. So being the object within the document it wouldn’t be printed out or not included when exported to PDF.

I say that Indesign’ users had forgotten it because, simply, objects are not assigned an options box that brings together all its properties, except if stored in a style’s librarie. Thus, to edit an object someone must go to the window or appropriate submenu. In this case the Attributes window is where you can edit: unprintable, overprint fill and stroke, and, overprint gap options.

But what use could have to mark an object as unprintable? It can be used, for example, to create sticky notes, designed to exchange information with partners, to create reference objects to align objects in the document, to create labels and brands for internal use, etc … Saving an object style with this attribute is easy to reuse again and again.

Besides the possibility of making non-printing objects, if we’re going to use a lot, you can include anything you do not wish to print on a separate layer and mark this as unprintable in the Layer options window. The possibility of a non-printing layer is also available in Ilustrator.



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