Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Photomanipulation: angel or devil

After a week busy creating demo materials and covers I will take some of these to make a small tutorial on one of the trick I’ve done.

So far I have not come too close to tutorials because I am one of those who think that experimentation is the best teacher you can find. Following this idea the tutorial that I propose below is intended to awaken your imagination rather than to show a step by step technique. For this reason I will not be very specific with values ​​and opacity settings. And i will encourage you to experience your own photomontages and filters to achieve the goal that you want.

The aim of this photomanipulation is to achieve an environment similar to that offered in films like “Wings of Desire” or “So far, so close”, but with a modern aesthetic. As with all manipulations, a fundamental part of it, is to choose a suitable material to perform. In this case I used a picture that already contributed to the environment I wanted to achieve. The second part of the assembly is an available resource in deviantart.

  1. After duplicating the original layer first step is to cut the area needed for this character using the pen. Only to be drawn on the torso in this case as the background image is usable.
  2. Once the torso has been cutted create a new empty layer and pile it up on the original image, the clone the areas on the bag strap so that the trail is completely eliminated.
  3. It is not necessary to remove the rest of the bag at this time. It will work tweaking his right hand and duplicating the dress. Pasting over the other hand and masking the areas that are not necessary. In this way the bag is concealed as if it were another part of the dress. My angels do not need accessories U_U.
  4. Wings are placed in a lower layer which contains the torso track. Spooky and Gothic design of the wings instantly attracted me so I tried to conserve as much of their appearance by putting it in Dodge layer mode.
  5. Once installed and sized correctly, you can create a new layer with the image attached (command + alt + Shift + e) and create as many duplicates as filters will be used. For this case we used four filters each of them partially masked with a certain opacity.
  6. As you can see filters are masked within a group which, in turn, has a mask applied so that only affect the area needed. Above the group is a layer in color mode. Next steps: Smudge stick, accented edgesplastic wrap and glowing edges, respectively.

  7. When you have finished experimenting with the filters it’s time to give a final touch to the picture. For this collage I used the tool variations to darken and yellow the image.

And then the finished image.



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