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Hyphenation uses in Indesign CS3

In the absence of questions I have to rely solely on my experience and the things that come in every day of my work. Which is not always very exciting, but I hope it useful. One of these events occurred a couple of days ago when a colleague came across the problem of an Internet address that it was hyphenated.

Surely many of you have used in the past hyphenation’s list. These lists are used to prevent inadvertent hyphenation of words that you want to leave, for example, because they are Internet addresses, or because the results would be rude.

Indesign version 5, which is that is included in the CS3 suite, it is able to exclude words from the partition by inserting the word in the list of exceptions to the dictionary used in the document. It also takes advantage of the ability to insert special characters in the text to exclude words with discretion.

  1. To include a word in the list of exceptions by selecting it and activating the shortcut menu Ortography\Dictionary... This will open the dictionary document management’ window. Usually, the selected dictionary will be the language of the document you’re working. Otherwise, it is important to go to Indesign’s preferences and select the appropriate dictionary from the Dictionary window. Also I recommend allowing the program to use both the dictionary selected in preferences as the one built into the document by checking the appropriate box.
  2. Once you open the window dictionary, insert the word with the hyphenation’s definition that we want to avoid in the list of excluded words. And the word, with the hyphen indicator in the list of words included. The indicators work as follows:

(~) Priority hyphen placement or single placement
(~~) Second hyphen option
(~~~) Third hyphen option. Not eligible unless there is another possible
(~) Before the word, implies it wouldn’t be hyphenated

Moreover, to avoid the word hyphenation, without having to create or edit dictionaries, the most simple use is to indicate it by a special character. Place the text cursor in front of the word you want and right click or control + click to anyone with a single mouse button, select the shortcut menu Insert Special Character/Hyphens and dashes/Discretionary hyphen (Command + Shift + -).



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