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He who seeks finds in Indesign

The first time I told my colleagues how they could format text almost 3,000 entries in a table with just a couple of directions and a couple of mouse clicks I could not believe that they were doing it manually. For me, accustomed to using Pagemaker and Indesign‘s search
for editing and formatting books and magazines it seems an indispensable tool.

In many cases Indesign‘s search performs like our brains, we only use a small percentage of their abilities. I would go even further, many do not make the slightest use.

The search tool is divided into four parts, which are displayed when clicking each of the tabs.

♦ Texto: it is the tool easiest tool because it is the same as used in any text editor and many other applications. This search engine doesn’t work only with strings, you can search paragraph formats, character, or any text attribute. Or both at once. To further facilitate things has a shortcut button to the different types of special characters.

♦ GREP: search characters. Is used to search strings using regular expressions to determine the outcome of the consultation. What is the difference between the GREP search and conventional text search engine? An abyss. Regular expressions are very simple and powerful commands designed for use in the Unix command line. They have been preserved in Indesign due of its very useful attributes when locating strings within a specified range. An example:

Introducing the expression gr[ae]y in the search field, Indesign‘s search engine would find the words gray and grey. [ae] is a simple search’s range, white|black would find both words

It may also be helpful to locate information such as emails, for example the expression \b[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}\b would seek any email addresses

You can define more than a search range within the term, search terms, etc … Ifyou are curious to know more about regular expressions please visit the web site www.regular-expressions.info it will allow you to start building simple and powerful search’s strings. Furthermore, as with the form we can define text formats and search attributes when using GREP.

♦ Glyphs: symbols or pictograms, is a graphical representation of a character. This search engine can find and replace any glyph included in your document. In this case the options are even simpler. The engine would search any glyph in the fonts used in the document by selecting the glyph you want to search or by entering its ID in the ID field.

♦ Objets: Last but not least have you lost half an hour changing the color of a pile of boxes, etc …? It’s time for you to take a look at the objects’ tab. In layouts with many objects can be difficult or tedious to make last minute changes in style, “this little pill that is only repeated twenty times per page I want it in black instead of red”, worse, you can forgive to change the color because you’re in a hurry, then something else can happen … The object browser can save you time and trouble locating any object using a specific attribute and changing any of its features or parameters.

Search’s range can be accurately defined to layers, selections, documents, master pages, etc … Besides the engine provides some predefined searches of great help and you can save other ones you would use regularly.

Indesign‘s search engine it’s useful to edit, find, replace, format and check





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