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Indesign preference settings

It has been a long time since I started using Indesign and for long I kept misunderstanding how Indesign preferences settings worked. For those of you who’re still in trouble about what preferences are stored in the documents and which ones affect only to Indesign here you have a short summary of the Indesign’s preferences window. Please not that it specify those settings which affect only how the application behaves and which ones are related to documents.

General (Application)

Interface (Application)

Type (Both)

Use Typographer’s Quotes (Documents)
Type Tool Converts Frames to Text Frames (Application)
Automatically Use Correct Optical Size (Documents)
Triple Click to Select a Line (Application)
Apply Leading to Entire Paragraphs (Documents)
Adjust Spacing Automatically When Cutting and Pasting Words  (Application)
Font Preview Size (Application)
♦ Enable in Layout View (Application)
♦ Enable in Story Editor (Application)
Smart Text Reflow options (Documents)

Advanced Type (Both)

Character Settings (Documents)
Use Inline Input for Non-Latin Text (Application)

Composition (Documents)

Units & Increments (Documents)

Grids (Documents)

Guides & Pasteboard (Mixed)

Color – Margins, Columns, Bleed, Slug, Preview Background (Documents)
Color – Smart Guides (Application)
Snap to Zone (Documents)
Guides in Back (Documents)
Smart Guide Options – Align to Object Center, Align to Object, Edges, Smart Dimensions, Smart Spacing (Application)
Minimum Vertical Offset (Documents)

Dictionary (Both)

Language (Application)
All other options (Documents)

Spelling (Application)

Autocorrect (Application)

Notes (Application)

Story Editor Display (Application)

Display Performance (Application)

Appearance of Black (Application)

File Handling (Both)

Create Links When Placing Text and Spreadsheet Files (Documents)
All other options (Application)

Clipboard Handling (Application)


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