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Font managing

In the past we have already discussed the issue of font families, what they are, how to distinguish what are its characteristics, typography’s design fundamentals, etc… Font families are one of the main resources of a designer, and their proper administration and management is a source of not a few headaches.

In the short time I have been working as a graphic designer, a little over ten years, I have experienced or suffered would be more accurate to say, distinct font management applications, and the various disadvantages arising from misuse of these programs.

Do not let your design applications to be loaded before the font management programs

Driven by impatience and urgency, sometimes, you launch applications before the operating system boot is completed, to give an example that is very close, Font Book. The result of your haste is that the design application concerned is not able to recognize typefaces or other document open in the system. Because Font Book is an application that starts in a hidden is best to wait a few seconds instead of having to close the design application and log on again, a process that will definitely take much longer, so if you do not give start looking for typefaces, you must wait for the to be loaded.

Another prudent recommendation is to always copy all the fonts in the same folder. I know it’s difficult because there are always other things to do than copy the fonts tothe right place, but it is a habit that will save you endless trouble. For the same reasons fonts are generally not cataloged by style, instead they’re added directly, bypassing the utility to catalog. I have often wondered why Font Book is named instead of something more in consequence of how we manage our fonts and typographic basement.

Do not have any more than a hundred active fonts loaded on your system, this usually make almost any management application starts to behave abnormally. That does not mean that your hard drives cannot have a thousand or two thousand fonts, even if you had the wisdom and patience to have them listed.

Regarding the type management applications, the more comfortable Mac application it’s Font Book, you have it by default and it’s very easy to run despite its lack of advanced options. Extensis Suitcase is also a good one to consider because of its ability to mediate problems, interact with design’s applications and automatic management of the fonts listed, it is more volatile than Font Book. For PC users the most recommended without a doubt is the incombustible Font Manager, a lifetime application I’ve used for years without ever complains about it.

The font management applications are useful if used correctly, otherwise get ready to have big problems in the future, and how well Murphy’s Law states always occur at the most inopportune time.



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