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Enable alert systems to Indesign

If I had one euro for every time I open an InDesign document which paragraph styles changed and moved or deleted images I could hang my computernow and devoted to cultivating mind and body rather than punishing them.

The Adobe CS suite brought a new tool that inaugurated the concept of collaborative editorial work, Adobe InCopy. With this application you can work in parallel, designers and editors so as to reduce production time,  eliminate and to void unnecessary delays, thanks to supervised editing, and errors resulting from improper alteration of the document content.

Unfortunately the implementation of collaborative editorial work is expensive, and I mean not only the purely economic, but it also requires an emphatic change in mindset of designers and editors, and it is impracticable for freelancers in general.Because few studies and editorials have fully developed an editorial system, it is still necessary to conduct a thorough examination of any document that has passed through any other hands other than your own.

An aid in this task are the composition warning systems included in the Adobe suite. Thanks to these visual markers is possible to recognize changes in format,such as tracking or kerning edited so that it can be detected before sending the document to production. To turn this aid is necessary to go to Preferences/Composition/Highlight. Once there, highlight all the alerts that you consider appropriate.

As soon as you turn on the normal view mode you can see the marked text alerts in different colors depending on the boxes that you have activated. This system together with the dynamic spell checking to be activated in the same Spelling preference pane will allow you to have minimal control over the text in the document.

In the picture above you can see different editing alerts for tracking/kerning.

Composition alerts are a supplement for use collaborative editorial system not a substitute for such system


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