Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

Designer’s resources: muro

It has been a long time ago that cloud services are no longer a rarity. They had become one of the usual tools used by professionals. deviantArt provides the possibility of free access to a drawing application that allows us to illustrate easily without the need of applications like Paint, Gimp and Photoshop, among others.

Muro is an online drawing application, ideal for illustrators and amateurs because of the simplicity of its interface and options. Among his tools is possible to find a variety of brushes specifically designed to facilitate the work of illustrators, although only half a dozen of them are active for free. It also features a convenient filters’ library and an easier layer system too. All this without consuming space on your local hard drive.

Of course, more powerful options are missing both in the interface as in the tools. However it can be a suitable solution to begin painting without having to purchase a more complex multi purpose application or wasting your time learning how to handle it. Moreover, because the application is not installed on the user’s computer system requirements are reduced to those necessary to connect to the Internet.


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Diseñador gráfico multidisciplinar; me gustaría trabajar y compartir experiencias con diseñadores de todo el mundo

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