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Damaged documents

A recent publication of InDesign Magazine talks about how to solve some problems occurred corrupted layouts. The topic is so good that I will expand a bit with some of my own experiences.

When a document deteriorates often goes unnoticed. Unfortunately when the document in question is to be printed, saved or -one of the worst possible cases- opened is when the error is detected. Below you can read a summary of various falilures suffered in recent years and their possible solutions, if it is to repair them or retrieving information.

Errors in image documents EPS, PSD, JPG, AI, etc …

Sometimes Photoshop is unable to open image documents because the file type identifier is incomplete or in case of downloaded files on a server, not completely finished off. One of the applications that can help to repair this type of files is Colorsync Utility, which as already mentioned in another publication has many uses. This application has the ability to open image documents although these have wrong data in its header. After opening the image you can save it again in the same or a different format. Sometimes also Preview, if the head is not crushed too can perform this simple operation. Another option is to create a new image document with the same dimensions copy the image inside. If neither of these two applications can open the document it is best to leave it in the trash and seek the image again.

Other kinds of errors are shown, for example, when one of the images do not appear within a PDF document, or the latter is not achieved properly. A good idea when these things happen is to edit the image documents and delete unnecessary channels and paths that are not being used. This does not imply that the document image that caused the problem is really damaged, but some of its features is generating an ‘collateral’ error. Very special case is that of Illustrator files. We must take special care with clipping paths included in these documents. A good way to detect potential problems is to choose high-quality display, or preview separations.

Indesign documents

It is unusual because of the stability of Indesign and system backup but, very sporadically, Indesign documents deteriorate. The inability of the document to print or produce a PDF correctly is one of the most common faults, but I have also found problems with transparencies. Moreover there may be many errors that have not the opportunity or the like to detect yet, if you suffer any of the above or any other not listed here you can save the document as exchange format .INX or template format INDT. Should this not solve the problem, you can create a new document and copy the content directly, or move pages from the damaged document to the new document through the appropriate option to move pages within the menu pages. In an extreme case, and whenever Indesign allows you, it is possible to put the document as if it were an image into a new document.
In the days when everyone worked with QuarkXpress I do not remember failures in its documents, but if any of you have any bad experience regarding this application or other faults I pray you to get in touch with me so that this publication may be as complete as possible.


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