Trucos de diseño para diseñar como locos

A very exquisite measures

Adobe Acrobat has many utilities designed for many different kind of users, each with different needs. Edition, reading, repair, testing, etc. …

One of the blocks of tools that I have been using more frequently in recent years, and that gives me very good results in my daily work, is the advanced editing. However, I found that it presents a problem in editing text if the text object is tilted. In this case Acrobat, when displaying the properties of the text states that the source body size is 0,01pt whatever was its real size.

If it is really essential to work with the body as it is you can always edit the PDF in Illustrator, which although has some difficulties to edit PDF at least will allow you to know the correct text body. In the lower picture is possible to appreciate the differences between the measurement body in Acrobat, left, and in doing Illustrator, to the right.


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Diseñador gráfico multidisciplinar; me gustaría trabajar y compartir experiencias con diseñadores de todo el mundo

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