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Indesign’s Layout Adjustment

This publication is a further demonstration that Indesign is like the human brain, only used a small percentage of its potential.

One feature I’ve seen rarely used but can be very helpful in case you need to make changes to the basic diagram of a model is the Layout Adjustment.

This option allows objects within the page to automatically adjusts to a change in the number of columns or margins defined. This is one of the options that are stored within the InDesign’s document settings, therefore, once activated the layout adjustment will continue doing its job no matter how many times you close and reopen the document until it is deactivated by its menu.

Any object outside the setting range will remain where it is even if you change the number of columns

To activate it you have to open the Options menu in the following path: Layout/layout adjustment …

The options window also allows to enable/disable the automatic adjustment, customize the range of action (how close an object must be the column guides to be adjusted), which objects are adjusted, how the adjustment will behave as if the objects are locked, etc …

Once activated objects and images set to column, or within the range defined in the options, will be transformed to conform to any changes in columns that you carry out. Note that the text objects will also be changed, but the bodies of texts contained in these objects will not. Therefore after changing columns is usually necessary to adapt the body text for the adjustment to be complete. In the image below you can see a box with a small wrapped text in two columns.

After changing the number of columns objects automatically adapt to them. But as you can see the bodies have remained the same. Yet with a little practice you can get a lot out of this function.


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