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Proofing marks

It’s custom lately that because of the crisis one of the first jobs some publishing groups have decided to dispense is the proofreader. According to the news the major newspapers and … Continue reading

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Indesign’s Layout Adjustment

This publication is a further demonstration that Indesign is like the human brain, only used a small percentage of its potential. One feature I’ve seen rarely used but can be … Continue reading

December 19, 2012 · Leave a comment

Make contrast with CIELAB

It’s been a while since i tried to describe one of the most useful color modes for those who must work with pictures, the mode CIELAB. One of the great advantages … Continue reading

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Trepidation or defocusing

For not photographers, like me, but having to deal with their problems and pictures constantly, it is possible that some of their guild’s terminology seem somewhat confusing. Moreover, as happens … Continue reading

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Apply a text to a path

Sometimes it is necessary to bend text to mold to circular or arc forms. Previously this work was carried out in PhotoShop or Freehand as tools provided by these applications … Continue reading

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Watch out for imported texts

Sometimes when inserting a text from other applications it is possible to detect blank spaces that don’t correspond to the common space. This may cause the final appearance of a … Continue reading

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PhotoShop’s filter polar coordinates

One of the great things about Photoshop is that it offers a lot of potential if only they make the effort to try a little. The polar coordinates filter is … Continue reading

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Damaged documents

A recent publication of InDesign Magazine talks about how to solve some problems occurred corrupted layouts. The topic is so good that I will expand a bit with some of … Continue reading

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Designer’s resources: muro

It has been a long time ago that cloud services are no longer a rarity. They had become one of the usual tools used by professionals. deviantArt provides the possibility … Continue reading

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Printing systems: gravure

One of the most common printing systems due to its versatility, quality and definition is gravure. Although less used than its competitors, offset printing or flexo, gravure printing is ideal for packaging of all … Continue reading

May 28, 2012 · Leave a comment

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